59 Braided Hair Extensions Styles

In the summertime is the time the mother will braid hair kid little girl. The style took hours to make, and of course, I never worked together (which earned me a few hand slaps with a comb). But the intricate cornrows will make my hair has been elaborated through a week of swimming and camp […]

19 Styling Permed Hair

If your hair is too damaged, then we do not recommend the Permian. “Your hair must be in good condition in order to curl out enough.” Be sure to use conditioner regularly while you give your hair time to recover. Also, know that perms tend to lighten the hair color. If you had Your hair […]

23 Curly Crochet Hair Styles

Crochet hair techniques have come a long way from the era of the 90 ‘s. The help of Youtube and Instagram has helped many patterns that showcase the beauty of braids to the world. The look of anything you want can be achieved quite easily these days. Not to mention, the weave is more present […]