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If your hair is too damaged, then we do not recommend the Permian. “Your hair must be in good condition in order to curl out enough.”
Be sure to use conditioner regularly while you give your hair time to recover. Also, know that perms tend to lighten the hair color. If you had Your hair dyed or highlighted in the last month, you’ll want to give your hair a downtime before doing a perm, because chemicals weaken the hair. (Actually, some stylists suggest that “Virgin” or treated hair keeps perms best.)

Perms require time and knowledge, and you don’t want to end up with horror stories that you can’t undo. Although DIY kits are available at your local pharmacy store, we always recommend going to a specialist.
Bouncy waves like Sandra Oh? Classic Hollywood pincurls? Did afro excite for the new year? The subtle body wave? Each style calls for different treatment of perm, and vary in time management, cost, and maintenance. Do your research and discuss all of this with Your stylist first. In the salon, your stylist will tell you which option is best for Your hair perms. Consider what kind of look you are after.

Different types of Perms available. You have two types of perms to choose from. Digital perms (hot) involves the beginning of relaxing treatments that prepare your hair, take about an hour. Then, heated curling rods used to form loose curves and waves. Finally, the hair is inserted into some rollers are connected to an electronic device which regulates the temperature. The process lasts three to four hours, maybe more depending on hair length and thickness.

With cold perms, traditional methods, your hair is soaked with an alkaline compound before it was tightly wound into a small ringlet and curls defined by rollers. This creates a tighter pattern will with a digital perm. But, as with all the perms, the waves will relax and become loose over time. Processing time is two to two and a half hours.

If you are still not sure of the type of perm right for you-or if you want to get one at all!or have fine hair, thin, dry, or ask for the opinion of a professional. Trimmer specialist usually offer free hair consultation upon request.
Keep in mind that Salon may use different names for the same type of perm, so communicating your expectations and confirm what you get.
Post treatment Salon.
After leaving the salon, quality care necessary to keep your perm. Deep conditioning Treatment is the only way to keep healthy, shiny curls,” said JC. She swears by the rejuvenation of the hair product called Zen care miracle treatment. Cho also strongly recommend using a deep cleansing shampoo to prevent dry scalp and bust of product build-up.

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